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April 19, 2018

Welcome to Pacific Breeze Tours, Victoria, B.C., Canada. The Garden City of Victoria is renowned world wide for its spectacular sightseeing scenery, flowers, whale watching and of course Butchart Gardens. Victoria, British Columbia provides an intoxicating mixture of nature, human culture and both natural and human history. It is home to some of the best natural, eco sight-seeing tourism and tourist activities on the planet. Victoria based Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. provides nature / eco based educational sightseeing tours, guided walking tours and hikes to visitors and tourists that desire an experience beyond the usual Victoria tourist activities and attractions.
Catering exclusively to couples, families and small groups as well as operating shore excursions for our Alaska and Northwest Pacific cruise ship partners, Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. provides individualized custom educational, nature based driving, walking and hiking sightseeing tours in and around Victoria, B.C. With the help of our experienced water adventure partners, we are now able to add kayak tours, kayak adventures, canoe tours and canoe adventures to your Victoria experience. All of our Victoria based sightseeing tours focus on local culture, nature and history. Whether you have several days, or several hours and are looking for a tourist activity or tourist activities, Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. will provide you with something unique and memorable - a true life experience.
Wanting to see Butchart Gardens or another famous Victoria venue? Not sure where you want to go - or how to get there? Give us a call at Pacific Breeze Tours and we will create a private, customized tour experience for you.

Only have a couple of hours and don't want to sit around your Victoria hotel room? Like to get a little exercise and enjoy some of the beauty of Canada's Garden City? Then call us and we will take you on one of our Victoria Guided Walking Tours. Only one to two hours in duration, our walking tours will get you out and around Victoria while you partake in some world class sightseeing. Looking for something a little more strenuous? Then how about a customized hike? Call us at Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. - we will have something just for you.

Spending several days in Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island and/or on the Gulf Islands? Pacific Breeze Tours will set up a customized multi day itinerary for you. Our Victoria BC sightseeing tours, walking tours and hiking tours vary with seasonal conditions. When spring is in bloom, you may want to partake in our Gardens of Victoria Sightseeing Driving and Walking Tour, or maybe an afternoon at an organic farm. In the summer, you may want to hike or bike through a coastal rainforest, followed by a picnic lunch and an afternoon of wine tasting at several of Victoria's award winning local wineries. In the fall, you may want to watch the salmon run and learn about the ongoing farmed vs wild salmon debate. Perhaps you have an interest in the natural history of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the NW Pacific - how earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis have shaped what you see. Find out what the impact of an earthquake or tsunami on Victoria, Vancouver or Seattle would be. Learn about the glaciers, how and why they occur and the mark they leave on both the landscape and economy of Vancouver Island and the surrounding West Coast area.

Or perhaps you are looking for a more physical pursuit? How about a hike on one of Victoria's more challenging, picturesque trails and then a kayak adventure for a few hours or for the entire day? Or a canoe trip down one of Vancouver Island's many waterways? Our water sport partners will have the adventure you are looking for. Their qualified kayak and canoe guides have over 20 years experience in ocean kayaking, surf kayaking, whitewater kayaking, canoeing and whitewater canoing. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced kayaker, they will have the adventure you are looking for.

Interested in the human history of the NW Pacific coast, Vancouver Island and Victoria? Our Recent Natural and Human History of Victoria Field Tour will give you insights into the human settlement and cultural evolution of Victoria, Vancouver Island and the NW Pacific. Walk in the Steps of the NW Pacific native peoples. Follow the routes of the fur traders. Learn about the international intrigue that left the political map as we see it today.

Curious about the global warming debate, area industrialization and/or conservation matters? All Pacific Breeze Tours address one or more of these topics while touring through some of the finest sightseeing in the world. From secluded beaches to downtown Victoria, let Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. make your stay in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada truly memorable.

Planning a conference or seminar and looking for unique Victoria conference activities or Victoria convention activities and events? Or planning a corporate retreat / team building function in Victoria and looking for a unique team building venue? Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. may have exactly what you are looking for.

Pacific Breeze Tours Inc. - providing exceptional experiences every day!

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